Good times for food and wine in NYC!

To be a successful restaurant consultant, I believe one has to have lived in New York City, to be exposed to some of the nations greatest talent in the food and wine industry!  I have had the privilege of being here for seven years, before making the Bay Area my permanent home.  Over Easter I had the chance to go back to the Big Apple to visit friends, family, old, and new restaurants, and to check out the scene.  What a treat!

The best restaurants that were part of my trip were the famous and stunningly beautiful and elegant Le Bernardin, the casual Franny’s in Brooklyn, which still serves some of the best Italian food on the East Coast, a lunch at SriPraPhai in Queens, a Thai restaurant that is authentic and comfortable, Cafe Sabarsky, which of course I am biased to, but it truly is still as great as always, the cakes are just to die for, and the staff is amazing, and the brand new and fascinating wine bar Racines – these people were expecting 40 guests on the third day of being open, and ended up serving 130(!) – where natural and exotic wines are not only a focus, but also so much fun to experience that one hopes the night will never end!To give you a glimpse into a week filled with super hospitality, outstanding food, and the most mystical wines on earth, here a short collection of impressions:

Cafe Sabarsky cakes

Cafe Sabarsky. As always a sweet treat!



Racines in TriBeCa. A fantastic new spot for wine and food lovers alike!


Franny's Brooklyn

Franny’s in Brooklyn. Italian food with a modern twist. Very creative ideas indeed!


Le Bernardin Tuna

Le Bernardin. The pounded tuna remains a staple as it should! Absolutely fantastic!


Not a bad week, huh? It was so good to be back and to see that this City still has all the flair, charm, and energy that makes us hospitality people thrive and want to do better day after day!  If you wish for food and wine that will inspire, take a trip!

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