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This past week has been interesting for SIOS Restaurant Consulting on the Social Media front.  Recognizing that today we have to be active online to operate a successful business, I am creating all kinds of profiles:  Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn…


So, beginning with LinkedIn, I am learning a lot about digital networking and what it means for a restaurant consultant.  LinkedIn gives you a great tool to network rather easily, be visible online, and therefore get contacted too!  I recommend it for everybody who wants to run a business.  People want to help each other, and can do so by endorsing skills, recommending specific talents to the community et cetera.  This is a good platform to do all that.  Think of it as your daily restaurant trade show.  If you’d like to visit my “booth”, click on Bernd Gerwig’s LinkedIn profile.


Twitter is good for hot news, but the lifespan of a tweet is rather short at anything between 18 minutes and a few hours.  Essentially if you don’t tweet at least 18 times a day, then you are not very visible.  Myself, I try to tweet at least once every two days.  Think I should do more? 😉  A good way to extend the lifespan of your tweet is to make it “retweetable”.  Lots has been written about this topic, but for starters you can go to Retweetlab and read up on it.  By the way, if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, I’d appreciate it! SIOSConsulting is the handle.  As we grow, this will also develop to be a good platform to let you know about current projects, recommendations, and of course the sporadic rant about horrible servers, dishes, and owners just to keep it interesting.  As we know, drama sells.


Then there is Instagram, a wonderful way to share photos of all kinds.  In the case of SIOS Restaurant Consulting, I like to share my dining experiences with you, you can find pictures of delicious dishes, beautiful food presentations, good looking restaurants and other noteworthy moments of my life.  Here too, the handle is SIOSConsulting.


All in all, I will try my best to keep the tweets and photos interesting for the restaurant community and its followers.  Over time, this will be a good source of inspiration and information for everybody who loves food, wine, and dining out in the Bay Area as well as New York City!  If you have suggestions for me to improve, please be so kind to share them.  Thanks!

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