Blaue Gans

Blaue Gans


Focus areas:

  • MICROS Sale System
  • Staff training for MICROS and OpenTable



In 2005, Kurt Gutenbrunner turned his eye on Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood and opened Blaue Gans, specializing in Austrian fare. Soon, both locals and ex-pats discovered the place, and the restaurant was off and running.


Blaue Gans


To ensure a smooth operation, Gutenbrunner tapped Bernd Gerwig, General Manager of his two uptown Cafes, to set up the MICROS sales system in the new restaurant. As any restaurant owner knows, the POS system can make or break the kitchen and servers’ jobs. If it is intuitive and seamless, then all goes well. If not, guests will be waiting for their food and their experience may be disappointing.

Blaue Gans Salat



Thanks to Bernd’s successful implementation of the POS system, collaboration between back of the house and the front was like a well-oiled machine. He has the know-how to fine tune the system, so anytime there was a hiccup, Bernd was able to quickly solve the problem.This has earned him the name “Mister MICROS” among his peers.