Café Fledermaus

Cafe Fledermaus


Focus areas:

  • Restaurant Opening
  • Develop menu and pricing
  • Staffing
  • Sourcing
  • Staff training
  • POS training MICROS
  • PR
  • Restaurant Operations Management



Based on the success of Café Sabarsky, Chef Gutenbrunner opened the more casual Café Fledermaus in 2005 in the same building. Patterned after Vienna’s famous Cabaret Fledermaus, this stylish venue features exact replicas of the original restaurant’s tiles, chairs and tables designed by Josef Hoffmann and Dagobert Peche in the early 20th Century.


While managing Café Sabarsky, Bernd Gerwig also helped create the new restaurant from scratch. He was responsible for everything from sourcing and importing espresso machines from Italy, coffees from Vienna, and developing the menu and pricing. He saw the project through from beginning to end.

Fledermaus Bratwurst und trout


On opening day, people were lined up, waiting for the door to open. Like its sister restaurant, Café Fledermaus continues to attract droves of New Yorkers and visitors who want a taste of traditional Viennese cuisine in a less formal setting.

Cafe Fledermaus Klimttorte fork