Café Sabarsky

Cafe Sabarsky Fermin solo


Focus areas:

  • Service efficiencies
  • Staff training
  • POS training MICROS
  • Event catering
  • Increasing sales
  • Restaurant Operations Management



Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner opened his Viennese cafe on New York’s Upper East Side in September of 2001, and people lined up at the door from day one. Modeled after a classic Viennese coffee house, Café Sabarsky is situated in the Neue Galerie, and serves a full menu all day long, from breakfast specialties and sandwiches to goulash and Schnitzel. And, they offer an amazing selection of over 20 different pastries made fresh every day!

Sabarsky also caters high end events throughout New York. These range from sit-down dinners for 15 to 120 people to cocktail receptions for up to 900 guests.

Cafe Sabarsky dessert detail


Business was off to a good start in the first year, but Gutenbrunner wanted to take it to the next level.So he turned to Bernd Gerwig, who stepped in as General Manager. The Viennese coffee house format was a natural fit for Bernd who was trained in Vienna, and he turned his practiced eye on all aspects of the operation. Since the restaurant did not accept reservations, and there was always a long line out the door, he made changes that would speed up service, turning tables faster to accommodate more customers. He trained the staff in the European style of service, and taught them to offer additional menu items, focusing on high profit products. Bernd also oversaw the Café’s monthly cabaret dinner shows and its catering operation.


Cafe Sabarsky



Under Bernd’s guidance, sales increased by about 30% over a three-year period. In 2006 Café Sabarsky was included in the first NYC Michelin Guide.