Julius Meinl

Julius Meinl Southport


Focus Areas

  • Restaurant Opening
  • Hiring
  • Scheduling
  • Revel POS set-up
  • POS training Revel
  • Restaurant Operation Analysis
  • Restaurant Operations Management



Julius Meinl is one of the oldest coffee roasters worldwide, having been established in 1862, now operating in over 70 countries worldwide.  In 2003 they expanded their business to the US, headquartered in Chicago, where coffee lovers can now enjoy the best coffee in 4 locations.



SIOS was hired to help open the new Streeterville location in Chicago, as well as helping with operations management for the whole group.



Within a few months of SIOS’ arrival, the new location was opened successfully.  Operationally, inventory systems, P&L, and ordering for the whole Northamerica operation was streamlined, resulting in better profit margins for the restaurant group and the wholesale coffee branch, which services the entire continent.

SIOS still stays actively involved in Julius Meinl’s business, lending expertise in day-to-day operations management.


Julius Meinl construction 1

Julius Meinl staffJulius Meinl Streeterville entranceJulius Meinl construction 2Julius Meinl Streeterville open for business