Mystery Dining Program – Restaurant Secret Shoppers

Why invest in our Mystery Dining Program?

Your staff is on good behavior when you’re in the restaurant…but what happens when you’re not there? Send in our secret shoppers and find out.

  • It costs about 5-7 times more to find a new customer than to keep an existing one coming back
  • Good customer service and happy customers are the key to your business!
  • Our program makes it easy to pinpoint service issues that erode your business
  • Most complaints never make it to your ears, nor your managers. Our reports do!
  • Raising employees awareness of the importance of great customer service
  • Because we are anonymous, employees never know when they are being “shopped” and end up treating every customer as if they were a mystery diner
  • Provides ongoing data to easily track quality, service effectiveness, and trends
  • Ensures everyone involved maintains your quality standards and policies, and upholds outstanding customer service standards

The most important difference to our competition:

We know what we do.  All our secret shoppers are seasoned restaurant professionals, who understand your business as well as you do, and want it to succeed!  The competition hires random people, who have never worked in a restaurant.

How much does a Mystery Dining contract cost?

The real question is, how much can it save you by keeping your guests happy?  Our rates are the best in the industry.  The price depends on the size of your restaurant, how often we come to visit, how detailed you want your reports to be.  Give us a call, and we will be happy to explain.

How it works

SIOS sends our own team of mystery diners to your restaurants to evaluate the entire experience — food, drinks, service and ambiance. We issue monthly reports giving you an overview of the staff’s performance, and you can evaluate employees based on our objective observations.  Our Mystery Dining program is designed as an ongoing collaboration between you and SIOS, where we take responsibility to dine at your restaurant at least twice a month and be your ears on the ground.


SIOS Consulting Mystery Dining report 1SIOS Consulting Mystery Dining report 2

The reports include all front of house areas: Exterior, Front Desk, Bar, Service, and Ambiance.

  • Cleanliness, sound, aromas, mood
  • First greeting
  • Bartender, appearance, friendliness, speed
  • Service staff, uniforms, behavior, check backs, timing, efficiency
  • Food, presentation, hot/cold, execution, product cook to satisfaction
  • Up-selling efforts
  • Final check presentation, speed of payment processing
  • Friendly goodbyes from all staff encountered

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