Presidio Social Club

Presidio Social Club Adi Nevo


Focus areas

  • Restaurant Opening
  • Staffing
  • Staff training
  • Develop schedules
  • Establish service procedures, house standards
  • Implement Aloha
  • Implement OpenTable
  • Synchronization of the two
  • Restaurant Operations Management



Ray and Shawn Tang opened their successful San Francisco dining spot inside one of the last remaining historical structures in the Presidio National Park, once home to the “Buffalo Soldiers.” The restaurant features traditional American fare with a gourmet/California flair.


PSC beignetsChallenge

As the restaurant’s opening General Manager, Bernd Gerwig was responsible for hiring and training staff, setting schedules, establishing service procedures and building and maintaining inventories. He also oversaw implementation of the Aloha sales system and the Open Table reservation system.



Ahead of the curve, Presidio Social Club was the first restaurant to incorporate OpenTable/Aloha synchronization, which became the industry standard. Word of the restaurant’s fine food and polished service spread quickly and success was immediate, thanks in part to a positive review from San Francisco Chronicle food writer, Michael Bauer, who awarded it 2 ½ stars.