Restaurant Operation Analysis

Increase your profit margins

You have a pretty well running business and your guests are happy.  Your food is good, service is friendly, and the atmosphere overall is fine.  Even your online reviews are alright, but somehow you are not making the money you were hoping to make when you first opened the restaurant.  Owners are often caught up in the day-to-day operation so much that there simply is no time left to really look at a P&L statement in detail.  Restaurant Operation AssessmentThis may be the right moment for you to hire a consulting company to analyze your business.  A complete and thorough look at your restaurant by an outside company is a great starting point to find potential areas of growth.

Here is how it works:

Stage 1 – We come as guests

Our analysis will start with some visits as unidentified diners, where we evaluate your business from the guest’s perspective.

Stage 2 – We see how your kitchen works

Following the first stage, we move to the back of the house, where we look at how your food preparation is done, how much waste there is, how many people are working in the kitchen during prep and dinner time, and so on.  Is anyone standing around when there could be work done?  Are your employees “milking the clock”?

Stage 3 – We analyze your financialsPatio dining

Finally, our team will analyze your financial statements to further pinpoint areas with issues.  Are you buying at the best possible price?  How does your rent compare to your revenue?  Is your labor cost hurting you?  All these are crucial factors that affect your bottom line.  With the help of a good plan, you can increase your profit margins and achieve the goals you had in mind from the beginning.

Stage 4 – You are presented with an evaluation and business recommendations to help you grow!

SIOS Restaurant Consulting will prepare an in-depth operation analysis, complete with recommendations how you can improve your revenue, and streamline your methods.  With this plan in hand, you can attack your restaurant with fresh insight, and start increasing your profit.  The best part:  If you feel you need a little more support, we can stick around and help you by implementing your new operation strategy.  To find out more, look at our Restaurant Operations Management.