Restaurant Operations Management

We help you run your restaurant!

It doesn’t matter if you own a single restaurant, or a restaurant group, effective operations management is the key to the success of your restaurant.  The best food on earth won’t help, if your profit margins are too small to sustain your business and for you to make a comfortable living.  If you are looking to expand and open more locations, it may be time to expand your operations team as well, and hire an outside company to support you in running your business.


Operations Management


With our operations management service you are in the right hands to stay successful.  We constantly analyze your business, from the financials, to food, to service.  These all play hand-in-hand to not only make a great guest experience, but also to make you money.  Whether it is looking at the linen, the plates, the front door, the bathrooms, the gas and electrical bill, the service standard, the labor cost, COGS, or the rent agreement, all these little details add up to a whole successful restaurant.  If you lose oversight of your business, you will soon lose the business itself.

Marketing and social media are another crucial element of running a good restaurant in the 21st century.  Getting the word out about your specials, your unique features, and your vision as a whole is not a matter of luck.  It is first and foremost a matter of keeping your guests – returning or new – actively engaged with your brand.

SIOS can help you operating successfully and staying on track with your whole operation.  We take over the operation management from the big picture to the smallest items of the puzzle, advise you on their importance, and keep you focused.  We help implementing control mechanisms and strategies for your day-to-day business operations, so you can have a bright future with your restaurant.  Your new guests will become regulars, who spread the word to their friends, who in turn then become your new guests.  It’s a butterfly effect that is a win-win-win.

You can also read more about how crucial restaurant operations are at the National Restaurant Association website.