Restaurant Service Handbooks

Why do you need a Service Handbook?

With a Service Handbook, or “Cycle of Service”, as we call it, you are giving your staff clear guidelines and expectations and eliminate many sources of error.  How should tables be set?  Salt, pepper, fork, knive, etc.?  How should napkins be folded?  How should guests be greeted by the host, server, …?  When should water be poured?  Should food and drink orders be taken at the same time, or in steps?  When should the check be dropped?  Should all plates be cleared at the same time or are they cleared as guests finish their dinner one by one?  How should guests be addressed when leaving the restaurant?  All these are questions that every member of your staff should be able to answer in their sleep.  Without a proper service handbook, they never will.

As a busy restaurant operator you have wanted to write a service manual for a long time, but have never gotten around to it.  SIOS Restaurant Consulting can help!  We meet with you, dine at your establishment multiple times to understand your operation, familiarize ourselves with your business, and analyze the key factors that need to be included in the service manual.  We then present a draft of your service manual to you.  In close collaboration with you we then design a custom manual exactly to your wishes.

Your staff will improve by learning and following your service standards, your restaurants service will improve, your revenue will increase, tips will go up for your service staff.  Win win win!!!

If you wish, we can also add a training segment for your staff that explains the manual.  This will lay the foundation for your restaurant to have better service than ever before, impress your regulars, and bring in new happy customers.

Key reasons to have a service manual in place:

  • Clear guidelines for your staff
  • Eliminates sources of error
  • Gives you and your managers peace of mind that every new employee follows the same standard, which you have set
  • Is the most critical tool for new members of your service team to succeed, and improve your business!

Additionally, we also recommend our Mystery Dining Program, so your business stays on top of its game.