Restaurant Turnaround

The average lifespan of a restaurant is five years, with 90% of independently owned restaurants closing in year one!


Are online reviews hurting your business?  Are profit margins where they need to be?  Is your labor too high?  Are your COGS in line with the business?  Perhaps your restaurant isn’t performing the way you were expecting.  Then it’s time for a fresh pair of eyes.  Bernd Gerwig of SIOS Consulting and his team have the expertise to look at every aspect of your operation and make recommendations that will get you back on track.  We can focus on just one area of concern, or the whole operation.


Bernd Gerwig


Services include:

  • Overall operation and concept assessment
  • Analyze service and kitchen flaws
  • Cost analysis / cost control
  • Staff training
  • Design improvements
  • Labor productivity
  • Service flow improvements
  • Inventory control
  • Profit margin enhancement



Turning around a business is a very delicate thing to do.  You will need to change the way you look at your restaurant, evaluate your goals, and make some rather tough decisions.  It is also not something that can be done over night, or even in a few weeks.  A turnaround can take anything from 6 months to a year.  The sooner you ask for advise, the better.  And while hiring a consultant to help you may be expensive at first sight, it is money well spent.  After all, you will lose more if you have to shutter your doors altogether.


We understand the often times daunting burden an unexpected cost of hiring a consulting firm can be and are happy to work with you financially.  We have various creative packages available to help you through the restructuring process and depending on the situation, we may even be able to design a payment plan, tailored specifically to your needs.  A first evaluation of your business is always free of charge!  Don’t delay, call today!