Restaurant Staff Training

Whether it’s a one-day intensive or a week-long workshop, SIOS staff training will take your restaurant to the next level. We’ll show you how to provide the elegant, smooth service that keeps patrons coming back. Contact Bernd for information.

Training areas offered:

  • Service staff training
  • POS training (Aloha, MICROS, PosiTouch, etc…)
  • Wine service course

Here is an example of a recent service staff training course.  Of course, all seminars are tailored to the client’s specific needs.

SIOS 8-day Training program FOH


Purpose: This program is intended for a client who is most serious about improving overall service in every aspect of their operation.
Work performed:
1. SIOS will analyze all areas from schedules, set-up, service flow, style and execution, to labor hours, rest period regulations, and overall service efficiency.
2. Following analysis, a training program will be designed and executed by one or more of SIOS’ team leaders, including manager training, staff training, and even owner sessions if desired. Training units are tailored to the restaurant’s needs, usually 3-4 hour units before dinner service commences.
3. If the Client wishes, SIOS will provide a service handbook that outlines all covered areas of the training program, with all SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for future reference.
Work Attendees
Preparation Meeting with Client to assess goals, expectations, procedures.
Day 1 Mystery Dining, evaluation of staff
Day 2 Introduction. Team building, introduction of “open-hand” service and “hospitality zone,” gossip, appearance, professionalism, food handling. All
Day 3 Observation day for SIOS.
Day 4 Management unit. Review reservation and POS system functionality, ease of use. Restaurant philosophy, expected service standards, best implementation of such, complaints, returns, check-in with guests. Floor management, front desk, if desired
Day 5 Busboy & food runner unit. Polishing, folding napkins, water service, bread service, bussing, re-setting, dirty linen, credit linen, after check service, mis en place, table cloths, spills. Busboys, food runners
Day 6 Server unit. First contact, menus, specials, order taking, drink orders, up-selling, order input POS, coursing, marking tables, running drinks, kitchen communication, food, check-in with guests after 2 bites, refills, dessert menu, suggestions, coffee service, crumbing, mis en place, wine list, cocktails, allergies, special occasions, tray service, efficiency, turning tables, check average, wine service, complaints, spills, returns, regulars, after check service, end-of-shift lag. Servers
Day 7 Observation day for SIOS.
Day 8 Team unit. Refresh, Q&A, recap, work together, team idea. Servers, bussers, food runners

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